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Verksam bl.a. som litterär översättare från i huvudsak ryska, engelska och franska, samt förlagsredaktör och universitetslärare i ryskspråkig litteratur. [cv]

Intervju/enkät | Interview/questionnaire

I am a Swedish writer, translator, and (occasional) literary critic. Born in Moscow, raised in Stockholm. (Russian/Ukrainian-Jewish & Kurdish background.) Throughout the 2010s I lived in different countries in Europe, nowadays mainly residing in Germany.

I have worked as a lecturer at the universities in Uppsala and Lund, teaching literary translation and Russian literature. Additionally, I was a member of the working group for literature (arbetsgruppen för skönlitteratur) at the Swedish Arts Council (Kulturrådet) between 2017 and 2020.

Currently I combine various forms of writing and occasional academic teaching with literary translation, primarily from Russian, English and French. My own writing – essays, articles, etc. – has appeared in newspapers and periodicals in Sweden and other countries.

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